Puppy PreSchool

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Google Maps location for Enfield Veterinary Hospital

Enfield Veterinary Hospital
94 Coronation Parade
NSW 2136

02 9747 3999

Puppy Preschool

at Enfield Veterinary Hospital 


Help your puppy achieve a happy, healthy and social start to life. The Enfield Veterinary Hospital Puppy Preschool is for puppies 8-16 weeks of age. This is the vital socialisation period for puppies and what they learn at this stage, good or bad, will stay with them throughout their lives.

Run by experienced dog trainers using only the most up-to-date reward-based training methods, Puppy pre-school gives you and your puppy the chance to learn how to socialise with other dogs and people, basic training and lots of tips on dealing with biting, chewing, house training, barking and general health care.


Puppy PreSchool Course Details

Length: 5 weeks (First week Information Night without pup)

Where: Enfield Vet Hospital waiting room

When: Tuesday or Thursday 8.00pm - 9.00pm

Cost: $120 per pup



Go to our Graduates Photo Gallery to see some of our recent Puppy Preschool Graduates on their last night of class!