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Enfield Veterinary Hospital
94 Coronation Parade
NSW 2136

02 9747 3999

Veterinary Services Offered

at Enfield Veterinary Hospital


Consultations can be arranged with any of our highly trained and experienced Veterinarians to address any concerns you have about your pet's health. Nurse consults can also be arranged for Nail Clips, Anal Gland expression, or Suture Removal (when appropriate).

 In the case of an emergency please contact the clinic immediately.


The Enfield Veterinary Hospital also conducts Puppy Preschool classes, has Pet Boarding Facilities and manages the Lost Pets/Adoption Centre for the Burwood & Strathfield Municipalities.

Vaccination and Annual Health Check

We recommend that every animal has a yearly healthy check. This is important in identifying an underlying health problems that can often go unnoticed. Routine vaccination and heatworm treatments should be updated yearly for ongoing preventative health for your pet.


Microchipping your pet is required by law and is a way of you being easily reunited with your pet if they go missing. Any vet or authorised practioner can scan your pet and contact you so they can return home. Microchipping can be done at anytime at Enfield Veterinary Hospital by appointment. 

AQIS Accreditation for Pet Travel & Export

If you should need to take your loved pet overseas the practice has an AQIS-Accredited vet on site for the preparation of official AQIS paperwork and to complete the require vaccination. Please call the practice to arrange an appointment for pet export. 


At Enfield Veterinary Hospital we have full surgical facilities and our skilled surgeons undertake all major and minor surgeries, ranging from desexing to orthopaedic procedures. If your pet does require surgery, our vets are always available both before and after surgery to discuss the procedure and answer any questions you may have. The highest level of care is given to your pet by our surgical team and dedicated staff.


We recommend that all dogs, cats and rabbits are desexed as part of their routine health and wellbeing. If you have any questions regarding desexing, such as the health benefits for your pet, please feel free to contact the hospital for discussion.

Anaesthetic Monitoring

The high quality SurgiVet Vital Signs Monitor used here at the hospital helps us to monitor your pet while under anaesthetic. As the leading choice in veterinary multi-parameter monitoring, it looks at the patient's heart rate, respiratory rate, end-tidal CO2, pulse oximetry, blood pressure and ECG.


Digital Radiology

Digital radiology provides and accurate and non-invasive diagnosis of a wide variety of medical and surgical conditions for your pet. We have a specialist veterinary radiologist view our x-ray images every 2 weeks.


Ultrasonography is the cornerstone of soft tissue imaging. Our hospital has a state of the art ultrasound machine that produces high quality images. The colour doppler feature also allows evaluation of the heart and blood vessels.


The Hospital has a fully equipped laboratory and most routine tests can be performed in-house, on the same day. For more advanced tests, a twice daily courier service takes your samples to a major laboratory. The ability to rapidly and accurately reach a diagnosis in very important in commencing the appropriate treatment for your pet.


Dental disease is a common and serious disease affecting dogs and cats. Long standing dental disease can cause significant damage to other organs and generalised ill health.

Symptoms of bad dental health

If your pet is having difficulty eating, has smelly breath or the teeth aren’t shinny and white, call in for a dental check up. Dental problems can be solved with a range of therapies including diet, teeth cleaning and dentistry under general anaesthetic.

 Make an appointment with the veterinarian to get your pets teeth assessed and discuss a management plan.


Let us take the hassle out of bath time for your dog! Here at the hospital our nurses will clip your cat or dog, bathe them, trim their nails and send them home looking and smelling beautiful! Just call the hospital to discuss your pets needs with one of our nurses and book this in.


Many cancers can be managed medically in our pets. At Enfield Veterinary Hospital we offer full chemotherapy services that can extend the length and quality of your pet’s life. Please call to speak to one of our vets about this service if you are interested.



The practice is pleased to offer acupuncture as a service for our patients with a vet certified by IVAS (International Veterinary Acupunture Society).

This is a non-invasive procedure that often has outstanding outcomes for many animals, especially those with chronic arthritis or orthopaedic problems. Appointments can be made by calling reception.

 Nurse Clinics

We offer free nurse clinics to help you maintain your pets' good health. These appointments can be booked between 2pm - 4pm Monday - Friday.  Our nurses consult on Body Condition, Nutrition, Dental Health, Flea Control, Basic Skin Problems and Basic Training Concerns.