Pet Travel & Export

Pet Travel & Export

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Enfield Veterinary Hospital
94 Coronation Parade
NSW 2136

02 9747 3999

AQIS Accreditation for Pet Travel & Export


The requirements for accreditation have changed and now any registered vet in NSW can sign the Health Certificate requied by AQIS. Please call the practice to arrange an appointment for pet export checks


If you should need to take your loved pet overseas contacting a Pet Transport company can be the best first step to finding out all the information you need as the process is not simple and involves a number of steps.

Petflyers -

JetPets - 

DogTainers -



 Traveling FROM Australia you need:

1. Pre-export preparation
2. Complying with the importing country's requirements Click Here for country specific requirements.
3. Forward to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources a 'Notice of Intention to Export'
4. Make an appointment with the department to collect the official documentation
5. Organise transport of the animal

For more detailed information - click here

For Information about bringing a pet TO Australia - Click Here



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