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Welcome to our new weekly Wednesday Blog!

This will be a place for us to share information about common illnesses & other fun and interesting articles.


Caring For Seniors


Come and have a look at our Senior's Health Checklist!


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limping dog

It's weekly Newsletter Blog time! Continuing with the Joint pain focus of this month, this weeks blog is all about -


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In itself, a dog carrying too much weight is not a big health issue. When your dog grows older, however, having a heavy body weight exerts excessive pressure on joints and consequentially worsen any underlying joint conditions or arthritis. Therefore, it is crucial to recognise that your dog is overweight and address the issue.

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If we’ve diagnosed your pet with arthritis we will work with you to come up with the best management plan to keep your pet pain free.

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This month’s focus is all about the issue of osteoarthritis in pets. 

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