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Google Maps location for Enfield Veterinary Hospital

Enfield Veterinary Hospital
94 Coronation Parade
NSW 2136

02 9747 3999


Let us take the hassle out of bath time for your dog! Here at the hospital our nurses will clip your cat or dog, bathe them, trim their nails and send them home looking and smelling beautiful!

While we are not professional groomers, we specialise in a simple and tidy "Puppy" Clip (or as we call it a "Short, Back & Sides"  Other options such as a "Face & Hygeine" clip, or simple Bath & Nails are also available. Sedation will be offered if your dog has a history of becoming distressed while being groomed.

For the cats we will generally need to have them under sedation (for their emotional sake & our safety) to do full clipping ("Lion Clip" or "Belly & Pants"), thorough brushing of knots or bathing. Some cats will allow brushing & small amounts of clipping without sedation.

Just call the hospital to discuss your pets needs with one of our nurses and book this in. Grooming services are available from Tuesday to Friday.







2 former pound dogs before and after a #10 all over clip (needed to get under the matted fur)







Teddy sporting a #5 with ears & tail trim