WellBeing Services

Nurse Clinic

Nurse checks and Advice

We offer free nurse clinics to help you maintain your pets’ good health. These appointments can be booked between 2pm – 4pm Monday – Friday. Our nurses consult on Body Condition, Nutrition, Dental Health, Flea Control

Our nurses can consult for the following:

  • Anal Glands Expression – Please note: whilst the anal gland expression can be done by a nurse for a fee, for infected anal glands or difficult cases, these may need to be referred to see a veterinarian which will incur a consult fee
  • Nail clipping – nurses can help show you how to clip nails, or clip the nails for you! Please note nail clipping is not available on Sundays.
  • Flea/tick/worming control – our nurses are happy to discuss the many options for flea control on the market. We can also apply the product for you, or give the tablet to your pet should you require this service
  • Dental Checks – we can check your pet’s teeth to see if they require a dental clean, or simply some more tasty treats to chew on! In cases of severe dental disease, a consult would be required to have a vet discuss a dental procedure
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