Veterinary Chemotherapy

Cancer Treatments for Pets

Many cancers can be managed medically in our pets.

At Enfield Veterinary Hospital we offer some chemotherapy protocol services that can extend the length and quality of your pet’s life.

We often seek specialist opinions from oncology specialists and pathologists about what is the best treatment for your pet.

Often we do need to combine surgical excision with chemotherapy protocols.

For more complex cancers and chemotherapy protocols, we often need to refer to an oncologist at a specialist hospital.

Chemotherapy is usually very well tolerated in animals, they do not lose fur their fur like humans lose hair, and tolerate the chemotherapy drugs without nausea.

If you require an appointment to discuss this with one of our vets, please call 9747-3999 to arrange an appointment. We can request any history from other vets to add to our records.

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